Advanced Prototyping & Design 


Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Analysis, Sketching, Wireframe, Mockup, Interviewing, Discussion Guide Creation, Survey Creation

C2C|UX: Megan Cody, Katie Jones, Todd Mihlbauer, Stacey Seronick, Nadia Shamsedin

The Proposed Solution

C2C|UX designed a website interface for PerfectFit where users can store preferences and shop for clothing. The added value of this site is the 3D rotatable model of the user that can try on clothes.

The Problem

The client reached out to the team to design a website that will link with the 3D-imaging mirror that his company has created. A user takes a body scan at an in-person location and they can shop online in the privacy of their own homes. The advantage of the 3D scan is that the website will store this information and know if and how a piece of clothing would look on, eliminating the guesswork.

The Process

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